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We are so thankful for the involvement of the Ulterior Epicure, Bonjwing Lee, behind our upcoming signature event Cook For Courage! On 5.18.14, Cook For Courage will feature BBQ smoked ribs by some of the best Kansas City chefs in town. Cook For Courage will take place on the 12th Street Bridge in the Historic West Bottoms! Join these legendary chefs in helping vulnerable children develop the courage to overcome the trauma of child abuse.

the ulterior epicure

There are a couple of upcoming charity events in Kansas City that I’m helping to organize, and I’d like to tell you about them.

One of them – the Harvesters Chefs Classic – I have helped organize for a few years now.  The other one, the Child Protection Center’s Cook for Courage event, is a new one that I helped create this year.

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Child abuse is a worldwide issue. Massive international online child pornography ring dismantled.

It breaks our hearts that child pornography exists.

Listen to this BBC radio segment starting at 1hr 35mins as National Children’s Alliance Executive Director, Teresa Huizar, discusses the recent take-down of a massive child pornography ring in the United States.

“Never before in the history of this agency have we identified and located this many minor victims in the course of a single child exploitation investigation,” said Daniel Ragsdale, deputy director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Read the full statement issued by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement here.

Thank you to all the Child Advocacy Centers in the nation that took part in conducting forensic interviews and supporting the victims. More details about the bust are found in these two articles: “Feds Bust Massive Porn Ring” and “Australian victims in massive US child porn ring.”

What are your thoughts about this situation? Please leave a comment below.

“Dear Survivor”: A letter about the hard truths of healing from child abuse

Trauma-focused psychotherapist Laura K. Kerr, PhD, IMFT writes a powerful and touching letter to survivors of child abuse.

ACEs Too High

Dear Survivor,

Credit: Oldangelmidnight from Northampton, MA Credit: Oldangelmidnight from Northampton, MA

“Because then I knew it was over.”

That’s what most strive to feel about the lingering effects of childhood abuse, although not about the actual events. Those are long gone, and often dissociated from awareness.

Rather, most want to end sleepless nights and startled awakenings; feeling as if they live in a parallel universe, outside the world inhabited by ‘normal’ people who lack histories of abuse; intrusive images, feelings, sounds, and smells; the desire to drink, smoke, toke, shoot up, sex to oblivion; the avoidance of intimacy because of a seemingly endless reserve of anxiety simmering below a brittle surface of civility; or fighting because the rage never seems to dissipate and you just want to push back, because the planet is not big enough to hold all your hurt, let alone the emotional needs of another person.

At the first inkling of…

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